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Alejandra Harrison is an emerging Toronto–based photographic artist, and a current student in Toronto Metropolitan University’s Image Arts photography program, where she has developed her skills in lighting, studio work, art direction and post-production. Her personal approach to photography is inspired by the human character and visual storytelling, driving her interest in environmental portraiture and narrative-focused works. Alejandra has refined skills in portraiture, fine art, and narrative photography. A keen observer of life around her, she thrives when capturing what the world displays while simultaneously showcasing the artist's fingerprint. 

Alejandra’s artistic passions extend to traditional, digital and mural art, where her experience as a muralist has contributed to her evolution as a practising artist. In 2022, she was commissioned to paint several murals for event management company Generis Group, and Irishpub JJ Houghs, notably one featuring international golf champion Shane Lowry, who visited the piece in person. Raised in a household that embraced creative expression, Alejandra has pursued various artistic interests including knitting, crochet, baking and playing music. In the next stage of her career, she aspires to collaborate with like minded people to produce original photographic stories and expand expectations.

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